Printable provides fast, high quality, environmentally friendly printing and we are proud to do so.

When buying print equipment for our production hub in Christchurch, we’re always faced with decision of what’s best for the environment versus what’s the best price decision. Well, we stand by our values and make the right decisions. As a customer, you can expect outstanding quality, environmentally friendly products where possible and fair, competitive pricing.

Printable is unique in its systems and this reflects on us being able to guarantee your printing products ‘On-time or they’re free’. However, the most important ingredient to our secret recipe is our culture and that starts with having the very best people at your side. How else would we be able to offer the guarantee with the promise that we dispatch most paper products, New Zealand wide within 48 hours.








Self Developing







Our staff are core to keeping our engine pumping. It’s the attitude they bring

to work every day that’s important, their willingness to engage in our vision, always improve and self develop.

Why is this so important? You might have an important deadline and the competence, reliability and accuracy of Printable staff makes your life that little bit easier.

Printing, although not life threatening, might be crucial to your production line, meaning you need consistency and people that keep their word. If you’re in marketing, brand and colour control might be your highest priority so the staff operating our printing presses must truly care. It’s an attitude, a culture.

Printable offers a learning environment and we help each other to achieve. We stretch each other to grow. To have a driven, strong team of printing gurus, allows us to perform, to enjoy working side by side based on mutual respect, to have a laugh, and to go into battle for one another. The common theme is complete competence. We (Printable management) consider ourselves very lucky.

Our print production hub, supplying the entirety of New Zealand, is located in Christchurch and Canterbury folks certainly know how to do the hard yards. The dedication of this printing team is prevalent based on servicing clients from Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Queenstown and we even reach as far as Australia, Rarotonga, Fiji and the Bay of Islands.

Folks, if you want a partner that will share your deadlines, a printing specialist at your side in your moment of need, then Printable is the best option for you. We’re simply driven to achieve.


Christchurch: (03) 377 66 44
Newmarket, Auckland: (09) 520 1200
Ponsonby, Auckland: (09) 376 0059
Email: [email protected]
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