Environmentally Friendly Printing

Let’s face it, the print industry isn’t very innocent when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

It would probably shock you that many printers waste nearly 450 sheets (make-readys) just to get the colours right before printing the actual run. This form of printing is called Offset printing. Printable has chosen NOT to invest in this area as it’s against our environmental policies.

By choosing Printable Solutions for your business cards, you’ve chosen approximately 450 less wasted sheets and 100% less hydrochloric acid than other forms of print.

We’re a business that has responsibilities and we want to influence an industry change. We want to educate the public of what kind of printing is the least harmful to our environment while providing more cost effective and higher quality print through the use of appropriate technology.

Every time you buy business cards or printed pens, flyers or anything from Printable, you’ll be planting a tree or saving someone’s life with fresh, clean drinking water. Printable is partnered with “buy 1 give 1” to tackle some of the worlds most important problems. If you own a business, please visit B1G1.com to see how you can contribute too.

Watch these videos on the right to see the difference in technology and it’s environmental impact.


Our Responsible Printing Practices

Here’s why Printable Solutions is an environmentally friendly printing company

  • Less waste in make-readys than traditional printing (no plates)
  • No hazardous chemical waste, unlike traditional printing
  • Our toners are grown, not extracted from our natural environment
  • All plastics used for packaging, finishing and parts are recycled
  • All paper off cuts are recycled or donated to schools.
  • All toner cartridges are recycled
  • All ink cartridges are recycled
  • We minimise computer power consumption with ‘Local Cooling’ software
  • All of our papers are from managed sustainable plantations
  • We choose to use 50% chlorine free paper
  • We have even planted trees as part of a charitable event
  • We run a paperless work-flow system.

Where our donations go

Small Things Truly Matter

The Old Print Process




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