In business? Then it’s a sin not to say thank you to your clients for the years support they’ve chosen to give you. It doesn’t go unnoticed, we promise you that.
So let’s take a moment to think of the most intelligent corporate gift you could offer a client.

Most companies buy a bottle of wine & some chocolates. They drop it off and before you know it, you’ve received, 20 bottles of cheap to medium wine that you probably aren’t that fussed about.
In fact, many will probably be re-gifted. Here’s the problem, you forget who bought you what, you drink the bottle and 20 minutes later, it’s gone. There’s no memory, no lasting brand appeal. The bottle is in the bin.

Instead, if you’re clever, you’ll spend that same $30-$40 per client on promotional printing.
You’ll choose an item like some upmarket salt and pepper shakers, you’ll custom print a subtle logo on them and BOOM, you’re gift now has centre stage on the family’s kitchen table for the next 6 years.

You’ve managed to get your brand inside your customers home, where they laugh & they eat… good associations. So this Christmas, take a moment to think about what’s an intelligent idea and spend on client gifts. Printable has 1000’s of ideas here to choose from our Promotional Printing Section.


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