Heading up Printable in Victoria, Australia in Melbourne is Bruce who sold the very first printing machine to the Printable lads when they first started way back in 2003.

Bruce and Ash became friends, stayed in touch and it’s funny how life sometimes turns out. Bruce has recognised the growth of the Printable and fundamentally agrees that something needs to change as the traditional print model is broken. Bruce, we’re honoured to have you on the team.

More importantly, how is bruce going to help you as the client?
His history starts with Wickliffe Press back in the 90’s where he led the sales team before being enticed across to Fuji Xerox for a specialist consultant for their graphic arts customers including all print operations.
They say once you’ve got ink in the blood, you can never get it out.

What this all means is that if you work with Bruce directly, you’ll find he’s by far the best in the industry. He’s dependable, has a business acumen and will follow you into war if you ask it of him.


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    printable merivale

    Melbourne Branch

    Phone: (04) 0293 4968
    Email: [email protected]

    Printable Group AU
    Bruce Corfield
    18 Streeton Circuit Mill Park,
    Victoria. 3802.


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