Did you know that Printable runs a paperless office?
Shouldn’t we be promoting the use of printing on paper?
Our answer to that is that we love paper but only in areas that “add value”.

It surprises us that that people haven’t developed apps to handle their paper based job sheets, their invoice books, their order books but hey, who are we to argue? Eventually, these documents will be entered into an Ipad online, eliminating re-entry and allowing real-time information. It’s pretty obvious where the trend is heading, however printing physical books in some cases the is still be the best tool on the market.

Here’s why.
Imagine being on a construction site, you’re in your gumboots, there’s dust & muck everywhere.
Most people wouldn’t want to pull out an Ipad in this environment and they certainly wouldn’t want to leave it in the hot car to bake under the New Zealand or Australian sun. Of course leaving an Ipad in the car is just advertising to thieves as they walk past.

So order books, invoice book printing, job book printing, they’re still ideal in a lot of cases.
With Apple and Samsung bringing out waterproof, dust-proof electronics however, the question is for how long.


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