How to Design a Business Card that SELLS!

AVOID THE ICK: Think about how it felt the last time someone gave you a business card that was poorly designed and had bad print quality. Feels icky right..? Well that is not what we want for our customers.

A QUALITY BUSINESS CARD BUILDS TRUST: The truth is a nice quality card makes anyone instantly seem more trustworthy. Whether they are or not is another story. A well designed and nicely printed card builds trust and reflects on a business’s level of professionalism and competence.

THE LOST OPPORTUNITY OF NOT GOING DOUBLE: What is the first thing you do when you get a business card? You take a quick look at the front and then you flip it over for a peek at the back. Unfortunately, so many people waste this prime advertising opportunity by leaving the reverse of the card blank. Don’t disappoint! Reward your customers natural curiosity by going double sided. It could be as simple as a repeat of your logo, a few words to describe your business or even just the company name. What ever you do don’t waste this opportunity!

DESIGN: I CAN DO IT MYSELF RIGHT? Some can, most can’t. We’ve seen many self-designed business cards and not be snobbish.. most of them suck. Yes designing your own business cards will save you money.. but how much is that COSTING you? Let’s say you invested in professionally designed cards and that extra little impression helped to gain only ONE additional customer, is that extra investment worth it? For most businesses the answer would be absolutely.

WHO WANTS A DEAL? We at Printable understand that most people who need business card design are starting out in business and need to stretch the budget. That’s why we have card DESIGN PACKAGES starting at just $64, because we want to print you nice quality business cards that help KEEP you in business so you will return to us to print more cards again and again and again!

THANKS BUT I CAN DESIGN AND I DON’T SUCK: Granted there are a few of you out there who can design and you are good. Here’s what you do need to know: every printer has different requirements. Ours are found here. Please read and understand our requirements for bleed, safe zone, resolution and file types before submitting artwork for print. Non-compliant files slow down the print process and can end up costing you more in pre-press fees.


On a budget but need a nice card? Go with standard: printed on 350gsm silk or 300gsm matt. Our standard cards are in fact above standard, you will not be disappointed.

You want a professional level card? Go Elite: same as standard cards but with front and back laminating. Laminate comes in either matt or gloss. Matt is in fashion, gloss works best with photographs.

You absolutely need to impress? Then Visiclear is the one for you. Our premium card comes with an extra thick laminate that feels and looks like money. Not only that they are in fact indestructible.. gym buffs, wrestlers, body builders.. we are yet to find someone that can rip these babies (great party trick)! To add to the list they are water proof, you can write on them.. and they make great ninja stars.

WANT SAMPLES? So now you want to see the evidence. Jump on your local Printable outlet’s contact page and send us a message saying “BUSINESS CARD SAMPLE PACK” along with your address and we will happily pop them in the post.. and there just might be a tasty surprise inside. 🙂


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