Great graphic design sets the tone of how your customers will perceive your business. Graphic design is a visual representation of the quality of your business. It’s like wearing shorts and a tee-shirt to work versus a suit and tie. So it’s your choice, Do you want to look amateur? Or do you want to be the sharpest professional in Christchurch, Auckland or even New Zealand?

The secret? It’s the research and thinking stage that’s often skipped by many graphic design companies. The designers feel they need to meet your budget and of course that’s true if you are a business that doesn’t value your company image. If however you do wave the flag of company pride, if you do want to be perceived as the very best, then your job is to communicate with the design company making your intentions extremely clear.

It all starts with you. An excellent logo and complementing graphic design components will separate you from your competition. You’ll simply look more trustworthy to your customers.


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Ponsonby, Auckland: (09) 376 0059
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