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Effective Graphic Design makes a very, very, very big difference folks to how many sales you might make. If you’re an analytical person with the emotional intelligence of a lump of coal, then just trust us on that one đŸ™‚ Graphic design that works, sends messages such as trust and credibility to your customers. Ask yourself, how important is it that you create a good impression? You’ve only got 1 first impression right? A general rule is that the higher your sale value is, the more trust you’ll need to establish with your customers. Graphic Design also lends it’s self to usability which means ‘ease for the reader’ and a pleasing experience. Printable has an in-house graphic design team of awesomely experienced, magicians in producing logos, brand specifications, direct mail magic, brochures, company profiles, illustrations, business card design and much, much more. We kick-butt because we love it. We love quality & understand we’re only valuable to YOU (our customer), when we’re making you $$$.


Printable understands brand consistency. Great graphic designers are pedantic about the subtleties of colour consistency, sizing, negative space and they have a very good reason. The difference between good design and amateur design often is in-fact those subtleties. Printable understands that protecting a designers masterpiece is in-fact protecting a companies credibility. Printable treats brand consistency as one of the most important aspect of our jobs.


The psychology of colour plays a BANGIN’ role in how we react to buying. Have you ever noticed that nearly all of the fast food chains have Red in their branding? So what does Red mean?

What’s the colour to create a calm relaxed environment?
Or how do you stimulate a team of creatives? Which colours flick the switch to ON?

Nearly every business owner neglects the importance of colour, how it controls our moods and our spending $$$$ habits. So do yourself a favor and revisit your branding and those plain-old office walls you’ve been staring at for the last foreverness.
Paint the vibe you want and the company culture that a winning team would run with.
Be outrageous, be different, create a club that people want to join today.

Now, before reading on, download the colour wheel, grab the pins and slap it on your office wall. You’ll refer to it time after time. It’s vital for anyone promoting anything.

According to Xerox studies, simply adding colour to a document can increase comprehension of the reader by 73%. Therefore, stop being a cheap-ass printing in black and white, add some energy.

Colour Wheel

Pin it up on the office wall because every marketing & graphic design studio should have one.

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Printable Colour Wheel


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Printable Colour Wheel


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