A business card is a truly amazing tool. Yes, these days simply bumping iPhones together exchanges details. But does your phone give potential clients and business partners the same understanding of what your company stands for the way a well-designed, high-quality business card does? Admit it – most people view someone driving a $200,000 Lamborghini as being successful in life. It’s a status symbol. It’s tangible, it evokes positive emotions, and it appeals to your senses. The same concept applies when handing over an exceptional business card.

Why would you miss the chance to create an outstanding first impression? Handing over a cheap, flimsy card with bent corners that’s designed by an amateur definitely sends a message about you and your business. So why not create a card that puts you in the Lamborghini club?

Graphic design and quality materials are key to an effective business card. Your designer must convince you they can convey the ‘look and feel’ of your business message and that sense of quality in the final package.

Did you know most people use single sided business cards and don’t take advantage of the back? Printing on both sides only costs a fraction more, but you get twice the amount of real estate. You have the ideal marketing space where you can literally put your message right into the hands of someone who could be significant to your business.

How will you use this space to speak directly to people? What would you put there to give customers confidence in you? What statement will make people buy from you?

Take Printable’s brand promise, for example. We have “on time guaranteed – or it’s free” on the back of our cards to clearly state our commitment to meeting deadlines. And if we break our promise, we pay you. That one line has won us national customers.

So the top tips for creating the best first impression?

  • Think of your business card as a tool. What job do you need it to do for you?
  • Use professional designers and printers who guarantee a product that establishes trust and exudes quality.
  • Putting your brand promise on the back changes your business card from something that costs money into something that makes you money.
  • Don’t hand the people you meet an ‘old banger’ – give them a Lamborghini!


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