Hey folks, Ash here. You may or may not know that I own a social media advertising company as well as Printable. This means I’m able to give a non-biased opinion of hard copy, versus soft copy. Printing versus digital online ads.


Rather than boring you, I’m going to cut to the chase.
Digital is where the eyeballs are at. Think about it, everyone is looking at their phones right? Social Media is a great way to get exposure but print tends to hang around a lot longer. It’s effective over and over again. Think about an electronic brochure that’s opened and closed versus a stunning, physical hard copy left on the coffee table for several weeks. How many people are going to pick up hard copy printing and have a quick read? It’s a trigger and a recurring reminder to the person that’s already browsed it.

Digital on the other hand can achieve pinpoint accuracy when wanting to communicate with a certain audience. Facebook’s analytics are outstanding to create awareness, but the hard sell isn’t going to be popular with users. Don’t go pushing your products onto people, add value instead and have them come to you. Pull, don’t push.

In summary, printing hangs around. It has a quality to it, a tangibility, a feel that a digital ad can never achieve. Your challenge however is to get the printing into the right people’s hands. Businesses are printing less but they’re ramping up the quality of their bespoke items to give to the right people. To make an impression that dwarfs the opposition. That’s why Digital printing (short-run print) is growing, while mass media is declining.

If you want my advice? I’d recommend intertwining your digital advertising with your hard copy printing. Have your brochures or company profiles drive traffic to your website. Have your social media activity such as Facebook, Youtube & Instagram open the traffic floodgates to your website also and as a result, Your website will roll out the red carpet for the customer. The website will handle the enquiry but the smart businesses that are interested in long term relationships with their clients take the sale offline, they make it real, they make it personable.

People buy from people they like.


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