First and foremost, our capabilities are a result of our staff, their skills, and our self-built workflow system. But regardless of all of the above, ‘capability’ is a result of outstanding attitude towards quality.


Our Digital presses were purchased with the environment in mind, but it also helps that the HP Indigo is light-years ahead in quality in comparison to other printing presses. That – combined with The Fuji Xerox 1000i, capable of specialty colours such as Gold, Silver, and Clear – results in Printable having the best digital printing platform in New Zealand. For those customers who are HP Indigo fans, you’ll know the difference as well as that our engine comes with a built in 7-colour inking system, allowing a much wider colour range. Printing specialty colours such as White, Invisible Ink (Red UV), Pantone 021 Orange, Violet, & Specialty Green are some of which that allows the wider colour spectrum. In fact, our HP Indigo printing press can match 90% of Pantone colours; because it’s an ink, you can achieve not only a coated result but an uncoated result as well. Offset Printers that have Indigo’s match their Offset Printing press equipment to its’ accuracy; it’s simply and undoubtedly the very best printing equipment available to produce items such as business cards, brochures, plastic ID tags, and other common printing requirement. Printable can print on almost any substrate, too. The HP Indigo doesn’t use heat when printing, it’s an ink-jet digital print machine as opposed to our Fuji that’s Xerographic; what this means is that the HP can print on plastics, there’s no stretch to the paper and registration is perfect. Our printing press is built to last, made out of cast iron. Due to its robust build and reliability, your print jobs are likely to be on-time, every time, guaranteed. Now, we’ve saved the best for last. Ask us about digital foil printing. It’s unique, it’s outstanding and takes your printing to the next level without the big increase in cost.


Printables’ large format printing division produces pull-up banners, posters, decals, signs, stickers, canvas prints, flags, floor graphics, custom printed wallpaper and many other products up to the size of 1600mm wide and as long as you’d like.. We do this using HP Latex printing equipment coupled with Roland vinyl cutting devices. Again, HP is the environmentally friendly choice of printing equipment in this sector of Printables’ operation. Many competitors use the harmful solvent-based printers to reduce costs; however, this comes at the sacrifice of solvent in the air within the workplace. HP’s Latex equipment is high-speed, high-quality, and low cost, meaning that we can pass the savings on to our customers. It’s suitable for indoor and short term outdoor applications such as signage applied to windows. To increase the life of our outdoor signage applications, a UV inhibitor can be applied, meaning that your prints will last and remain vibrant for many months on end.


If you require black and white printing such as newsletters, publications, workbook printing, training manuals etc., then Printable has a fleet of low-cost printing machinery capable of high capacity, short turn-around jobs. With binding automation and digital smarts, we can take the hassle out of any customer’s job. If, however, you’re looking for the very best greyscale print on the market, our HP Indigo technology can deliver printing that floors anything else you’ll see. Artist and photographers alike are delighted with HP Indigo results.


Our courageous brand promise offering ‘On time, guaranteed, or it’s free’, means we need two of everything in case of breakdown or scheduled maintenance. We also need to have nearly all finishing in-house to achieve our deadline of just 48 hours. Our in-house bindery offers off-line saddle stapling, guillotining, laminating, wire binding, hole punching, folding, creasing, padding, drilling, perforating, corner cutting, banner assembly, and various other tasks. Having backup printing presses, parts, and equipment is crucial to ensure that every customer deadline is met with ease.


Printable invested in variable data many years ago and has the skill-set to execute complex print jobs, creating customer efficiencies and marketing exercises. Printable more commonly offers numbering for voucher books or invoice books, addressed direct mail, mail merge services, image swapping, data cleansing, statements of accuracy, and NZ Post/DX mail lodgements. Where Variable Data Printing can add the most value to a customer is when it’s used in combination with a technique called Uimage. Uimage is taking an image, applying Photoshop effects, and merging it with a spreadsheet of names. There could be 10,000 names on the spreadsheet and as a result, we can output personalised, photo-realistic images like the below examples – all unique names – printed within the same print run. We often use Uimage in personalised calendars.


Printable has developed its own workflow management software which allows you, as the customer, an interface enabling a remote login to a self-ordering and tracking system. Your advantages in using this would be:

  • The interface is easier to use than sending an email.
  • It allows you to monitor spend by different departments, regions and users.
  • You can reorder previous jobs within seconds.
  • You eliminate human error or lost emails.
  • You skip the processing queue, speeding up your job.
  • You can track your job through the process including a courier track and trace.
  • You can control over stocking by regulating quantities ordered by different users.

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