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The most popular type of banner is our  850mm x 2010mm, portable, pull-up banner stands. These pull-up banner displays are retractable which allows you pack them into a small, easy to carry bag ready to transport them to any event you wish. They are a great branding method in a permanent or temporary environment and will give you a professional presence with a very small footprint if you are low on space. Banner stands are usually used at expos or trade events.

Other banners can be printed by Printable Solutions at a width of 1500mm wide by any length you wish. These banners may have aluminium banner rails for easy hanging and professionalism, or they may have eyelets depending on what environment they are going to be hung in.


Ask yourself, what environment is your banner stand going to be placed in? If you are competing with other banner messages from other companies, you need your banner to have a headline that achieves instant understanding and a compelling reason to read more. Keep your headline short, 3-4 words. Your key message should always be positioned in clear view and at eye level. Is your audience sitting, standing or viewing from a distance?

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*30 Day money back guarantee applies if a fair and reasonable quality of the product is not met. You will be refunded any monies you’ve paid upon returning the product in full including packaging subject to the quality not being made to a reasonable standard. The money back guaranteed applies only to physical products. Print registration will move up 2.5mm and this is deemed as acceptable. Promotional product printing varies on quality due to the surface being printed on, therefore 70% of what would be considered a normal print quality is deemed acceptable.


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