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Bound workbooks that are easy to read and write in.

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Training manuals are usually designed and printed with usability in mind. A training manual will usually be written on by the reader so an uncoated standard 80gsm paper is often appropriate.

Another important factor is to use wire binding. This means that the pages will sit flat on the students desk allowing easier writing and reading. A design note is to always leave a 15mm margin for where the binding will occur. Left-handed people struggle to write close to the binding if the printing is too close.


Sections can be tabbed in several ways. A divider can be inserted with a visible tab which creates a professional image and the best usability. If you want to reduce costs, the design can have a tab of colour, bleeding off the right edge of the pages (much like your phone book). This allows the user a visual reference of where the sections start and stop.

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We all know that a colour document is more effective and more appealing to the reader than black and white printing. But keeping costs down is often an important requirement for training institutes. Printable has the smarts to mix colour printing with black and white printing within a single document, this means we ultimately lower your overall cost.

*30 Day money back guarantee applies if a fair and reasonable quality of the product is not met. You will be refunded any monies you’ve paid upon returning the product in full including packaging subject to the quality not being made to a reasonable standard. The money back guaranteed applies only to physical products. Print registration will move up 2.5mm and this is deemed as acceptable. Promotional product printing varies on quality due to the surface being printed on, therefore 70% of what would be considered a normal print quality is deemed acceptable.


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