Many people wrongly assume that graphic design simply means creating attractive images and visually appealing marketing materials. However, the job they do is far more complicated and requires a lot of expertise in addition to excellent design skills.

So, what should you look for when selecting a graphic designer to work with on your next marketing campaign or printed materials?

Valuable and sought after graphic designers think beyond aesthetics and have the goals of their client in mind. They will think about who you are targeting with your message and why.

A good graphic designer will be interested in the purpose of the item they are designing and should understand that different groups of people respond differently to different types of marketing materials, whether printed or digital. What works for one group of people may not be as successful for others, so your designer should be able to advise you on the best marketing materials or channels to fit your budget and goals, as well as your target market, industry and company type.

In addition to creating a design with visual interest, a strong message and a compelling call to action, a great graphic designer is ultimately one that cares about the results of the campaign.

Christchurch Graphic Design Service

Printable Solutions offers a graphic design service based at our Christchurch printing company HQ in Opawa. Pop in and meet one of our creative people or get in touch to find out more.


Christchurch: (03) 377 66 44
Newmarket, Auckland: (09) 520 1200
Ponsonby, Auckland: (09) 376 0059
Email: [email protected]
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